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Idea and conception: Dr. Stephan Schlensog, Global Ethic Foundation
Editorial realisation: Julia Willke M.A., Global Ethic Foundation
Didactic concept, design and realisation: Christoph Lang, www.8421medien.de
Technical support: Daniel Haussmann, www.die-medienplaner.de
Music and Sound: Kai Arend, www.tonstudio-arend.de
German speakers: Ulrike Maier-Hillenbrand and Thomas Rath
Film clips: SWR
English translation: Dr. Thomas Riplinger and Sprachendienst Dr. Herrlinger
English speakers: intervoice24.de
Picture credits [hier]

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This project was made possible through the friendly support of the
Robert Bosch Stiftung,
Stiftung Weltethos Schweiz,
Karl Schlecht Gemeinnützige Stiftung,
Otto Group,
Dr. Wolfram Freudenberg,
Sparkassenverband Baden-Württemberg,
Deutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband,
Landesbank Baden-Württemberg.